Vesper Finance Crypto Platform Review


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Today we will be reviewing the Crypto platform vesper finance. This company aims to provide institutional grade cryptocurrency trading tools for retail brokers, traders and funds.

Vesper finance is a very unique platform allowing you to use DeFi products designed for ease-of-use, longevity, and scale. It is a comprehensive ecosystem governed by the VSP token.

A lot of complicated terms and buzzwords for such a small sentence. Let’s break it down:

  • DeFi: Short for Decentralized Finance. It is a concept of connecting several blockchains together to allow people to make decentralized financial contracts which would be administered by the network itself. These types of smart contracts are powered by cryptocurrencies and can work independently from banks and governments.

  • VSP Token: The token powering this platform is called the VSP token, which you need to pay whenever you make a transaction or want to create a new smart contract/trade on this platform. There will only ever be 100 million tokens created by the company. 80% of them are reserved for future use, 10% will be used for airdrops and giveaways to get people started on the platform. Similar to other DeFi platforms the token is a utility token and not a security token.

Vesper Grow Pools are algorithmic DeFi lending strategies that take advantage of the $VSP token to pay down interest and generate returns. One pool was available at launch with more to be released in the future as they roll out new strategies or assets like: cryptocurrencies, shares, property and other commodities.

What does Vesper Finance do?


Review for Vesper Finance Crypto Platform

Vesper Finances is a white-label DeFi platform allowing existing financial institutions and companies to launch their own tokenized banking infrastructure powered by the VSP.

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Vesper finance aims at providing pools with different  algorithms allowing you to get high returns on your investments even in a low interest environment. The advantage of their strategy is that the return will be pegged to the vesper token, which can be quite rewarding if VSP’s price goes up since you are investing in it directly.

Vesper finance offers you the chance to invest in lending pools diversifying your portfolio, they are trying to make it easy for institutions or individuals looking to match fiat currency with cryptocurrency.


Overall review of platform

Vesper Finance Platform Review

The vision of the company to try and create a bridge between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies is quite an accomplishment for them as this is something that has been around since 2009 but still didn’t find its way to mainstream adoption.

The use case of the token itself might not be so obvious as you need a vesper token to pay all fees on the company’s platform. The token is a utility token, which you don’t have to invest in if you choose not to as you can simply use fiat currencies on the website as well.

The platform looks quite intuitive allowing both trading and lending support for cryptocurrencies, Decentralized exchanges and DeFi products being offered by this company. The rise of the VSP token is pegging this platform to the growth of vesper finance, but also promising a rewarding system for its users.

Overall we think that this company is a good investment if you understand what it offers and want to invest in DeFi products given the fact they offer their services on top of several blockchains. If you want to try it out go here:

The key features include :


A DeFi platform allowing you to invest in different lending pools and getting you a return pegged to the VSP token. The returns depend on the market’s volatility but are higher than what most centralised exchanges offer right now.

Automatic investment/withdrawal process with your bank account or crypto wallet, they can also manage it for you if you get more than 1k$.

A lending pool offering up to 6.5% return on your investment without having to set up a wallet or manage multiple private keys.

The negatives include:

  • Harder for beginners, you need to have a good understanding of how blockchain works and what this means for your investments.

  • Fees for withdrawals/investments are quite high with 10%, since the money is going towards infrastructure cost it might not be that bad but people might prefer more cheaper options with less risk involved.

  • No proof of how they make their money yet. They are promising returns higher than what you can get on your fiat savings account, but they are not releasing information about their strategy or how it works behind the scenes.

Company ratings:

Ease of use/navigation

This was a harder program to understand as there was no direct information about how their investments work behind the scenes. The platform is very intuitive but for new users it might be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have a good understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general.

Creative use case

Their strategy to create a path between fiat currencies and cryptocurrency is an interesting approach that has not been done before. Our only concern is, is it the right time to do something like this?


Vesper Finance Review

Different DeFi products are offered allowing you to invest in different lending pools with the option of withdrawing your money back anytime or getting more involved into cryptocurrencies with automatic processes for buy/sell orders and investments. The fee might seem a bit high but if their products are good it might be worth the price.


Being a startup means that it will have a small liquidity to start with, but if they manage to grow and expand their strategy they could become more stable in the future.


From what we can see, they are using the best security protocols to protect their users. Since the platform is still new there is no proof of how good it actually is yet, but having a decentralized exchange that allows you to invest in different pools is very convenient if something happens and you lose your money.

Overall score: 8/10


Overall the idea of growth pools is interesting, but it might be hard to get money back if for some reason their strategy does not work out. They are promising 6.5% returns monthly which is very high compared to other programs that offer similar services. If you understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies this might be a good program for you, but please do your own research before investing in any of their products.

The company is still new and needs to grow further in order to show how good its product is. We hope that they will use the funds raised to make their strategy work for them, because if it does it won’t only be beneficial for them but also for other users who are looking for ways of growing their money safely.

Thanks for checking our review, if you want more of this please comment below so we can find out what types of articles are more interesting to you.


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