Review for EcoBank Online Banking Portal


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Review for EcoBank

Today we will be reviewing Ecobank, the online banking portal for one of Africa’s largest banks. In this review we will be looking at the overall design, features and usability.

Who is EcoBank?

To start with let’s find out a bit about Ecobank and how they came to be. Ecobank was founded in Togo by seven national leaders with the aim of financing development projects throughout Africa, thus creating employment opportunities for Africans. It first began as ‘Ecobank Transnational Incorporated’ (ETI) before it evolved into its present form as the “Ecobank Group”. The group was created in 1989 and has since grown to be recognised as a major pan-African financial institution. In 2007, Ecobank merged with Nigeria’s Oceanic Bank Limited adding branches in major cities across Nigeria. The full list of countries where EcoBank has a presence is here:

Ecobank provides  a range of financial products and services, in addition to its core banking activities, in the areas of investment, asset management, securities broking and insurance.

Ecobank Nigeria is one of Africa’s leading commercial banks that offers a comprehensive suite of innovative financial products and services to individuals and corporate customers. Their digital platforms are your 24/7 financial partner. Experience the ease and convenience of banking anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone or tablet using our app or simply visit us online to access your account.


What Is EcoBank Online Banking?


EcoBank Online Banking Portal review

EcoBank online banking is a service provided by Ecobank to allow customers to access their accounts from any computer with an internet connection either from the official website or an approved third party site. This service is also known as Web banking and mobile banking.

What Is EcoBank’s Approach to Design?

Ecobank’s approach to design can be seen in its clean and simple portal, all of which looks great with high resolution screens and it is very responsive on mobile devices too.

The overall website is very modern, colorful and responsive on mobile devices.

Ecobank’s website is divided into 3 key areas: –  

– Top Navigation Area which contains the EcoBank logo, search bar and main menu items such as “Products” , “Services”, “Support Center”.  

– Content Area where the content of the website can be found, this area contains the latest news, information about products and services among other things.

– Footer Area which is usually found at the bottom of all web pages and contains copyright information, terms and conditions for usage as well as contact details for EcoBank.


Mobile User Interface

EcoBank portal review

Ecobank has made their online banking portal very mobile friendly and provides clients with a good and easy to use mobile banking application which is available on both Google Play and App Store.

The design of the application is very clean and simple, it has 3 key areas: –  

– Main Menu Area where you can choose from among other things “Accounts” , “Transfers” , “More” and “Help”.  

– Account Balance Area which displays your account balances in both Naira and the relevant foreign currency.

– Transactions Summary Area where all transaction details can be found from a given time period. You can choose to view transactions from a specific day, week, month or even a year. The application also contains other useful features such as a Help section and an option to make a bank transfer.

The mobile app is fairly easy  to use and will certainly make banking transactions easier for you even when you are on the go.

Ecobank’s Mobile Banking App – Google Play Store

What Features Are Available?


Here are some of the features available on EcoBank’s online portal.

Review For EcoBank Banking Portal

Account information Access to account details (this includes ATM/debit card, cheque book and other services)

In depth on the features provided:

The Features Listed Above Are Available On The Mobile Version As Well.

What Problems Does EcoBank Online Banking Suffer?

Unfortunately just like other banks in Nigeria, EcoBank suffers poor Internet speeds and connections which is very frustrating for customers with high-speed Internet connections.

The features provided were  of good quality, however the bad internet speeds made it difficult to carry out transactions of large amounts.

Accessing account balance and transaction information is not possible on the mobile version unless you log in on your desktop browser first.

The features of EcoBank online banking are great but their image is easily tainted by poor Internet service they provide customers with.

A few more things to mention:

Ecobank Nigeria recently transitioned to a new core banking system with features that include mobile money, ATM management, online and mobile banking, kiosk banking and digital financial literacy education.

The website tends to run a bit slow from time to time but it is not too major.

The application could use a few more features, for example the ability to pay bills directly from within the app.

Security and Usability:

Ecobank provides a guide to securing your device against online banking fraud. Some Ecobank account holders have experienced issues logging in due to recent phishing/malware attacks on the web platform. Customers are advised to always type if they are using an Ecobank URL into their browser and bookmark it to ensure they don’t end up on a phishing site!

To date  Ecobank online banking is still not available on Google Authenticator (2FA), but the bank has indicated they will make this available soon. Right now, multi-factor authentication can be done through a card reader and code generator which you can purchase from the bank.

Overall review:

After using the platform and  speaking to several other customers who use this service, EcoBank has a lot of work to do in terms of user experience and connectivity. It is no doubt an improvement from their old online banking platform but still has a long way ahead especially with what is being offered by other banks in Nigeria.

After going through the  features and the problems, we will give EcoBank online banking a score of 8/10.

This score is not bad but could be better with the features available and Internet speeds in Nigeria. We hope to see changes from Ecobank Nigeria Limited soon!

For more information please visit:


Overall rating: 8/10.

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