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Review of HSBC Trading Platform

HSBC is a leading global financial services company with hundreds of thousands of employees serving over 100 million customers in more than 80 countries. From the world’s local bank, to global leaders who play an important role in fostering economic progress and supporting corporate responsibility in the communities where it operates, HSBC is dedicated to helping people live better for less.

HSBC Securities (Singapore) Limited (“HSBC Securities”) is a member of the global HSBC financial services entities and provides securities and other investment products and services to individual, corporate and institutional customers in Singapore. The Group offers a variety of innovative investment products and services including trading and brokerage on traditional and alternative investments such as foreign exchange, government bonds, credit, derivatives, commodities and other securities.

Today we will be reviewing their securities trading platform and it is very important to note that this review is based on HSBC’s Securities (Singapore) Limited (“HSBC Securities”) which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HSBC Global Asset Management SA.

The HSBC website contains everything you need to know about their platform and we urge you to visit their site directly for more information. However, our review of their site did not yield a specific page about HSBC’s trading platform so we looked elsewhere and found a brief overview on the HSBC corporate website.

Who is HSBC?

They are a British bank and financial services company who offer financial products and services throughout the world.

The trading platform from HSBC is  one of the simplest you will find online. We are happy to share access with readers so they can have a look for themselves at what HSBC has on offer.

The first visit to HSBC’s trading platform is fairly simple and easy to understand. The website is very  user friendly and will be familiar to anyone who has used any of the major trading platforms around.

The entire website is based in English but users can also switch their options for trading to Spanish, French or Chinese languages at the bottom of the page. Although this review is based on using an English version of HSBC’s trading platform, we highly doubt their other language versions are any different.

HSBC offers several choices for users to get started but their simple three screen process is probably the easiest you will find on the market today.


HSBC Trading Platform Reviewing


Review of HSBC Platform

The  HSBC trading platform is a web based  application, this enables clients to use the HSBC trading platform from any computer with access to the Internet.

When you perform an inspection of their website we found that they do not mention providing a downloadable version of their platform or providing live chat and phone support which is always available with other brokers. This did come as a little bit of a surprise to this reviewer but at the same time, HSBC’s website is extremely well written and very easy for users to navigate.

The trading platform itself was quite interesting. Although it claims to be built with HTML5 technology which means that older browsers will not work with it, we found that the HSBC trading platform loaded quickly and without any problems. Although it is not recommended that users use this outdated browser, the fact that the HSBC trading platform loaded quickly was a positive sign for their design team and an encouraging sign to readers looking at their website.

The login section of the HSBC trading platform is very easy to understand, although we were asked our security question this time during the login process, we were only asked for our trading password. This is very different to other platforms who ask for both these details before accessing any of their services. We want to urge readers not to share their trading password with anyone even if HSBC asks you for your security question first.

Some key Features:

HSBC Platform Reviewing
  • Fast, advanced order entry with auto fill.

  • Advanced charts and analysis tools for deep technical analysis.

  • Secure online access to your account 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

  • Mobile app for

  • trading on the go.

In addition, HSBC’s web-based trading platform provides access to a comprehensive suite of research, analysis and back-office capabilities including:

Company news and share price information from international industry providers such as Reuters and Morningstar.

Research covering over 20,000 companies across the world – including full company profiles with key financial information.

Above you will find the first few screens of HSBC’s trading platform, although it is somewhat similar to other platforms on the market, HSBC have made it easy for anyone to use.

We found their Account section very simple and easy to understand with a very clear menu which is just as well when you consider that HSBC has over 2 million different accounts in 175 countries around the world!

Their trading platform also offers live streaming quotes so readers can follow all the action in the market with ease.

The charting tool has 4 different time frame options so users can switch depending on their preferences and the depth of analysis they require for specific investments.

As we mentioned before HSBC’s website is very simple and easy to use but, as you will see from our image above, some of their information does not load successfully. Although it is not necessarily a deal breaking issue, we feel that HSBC could improve their platform with some minor design changes or at least offer users the option to switch off certain parts of the trading platform.

We did find that HSBC’s trading platform was fast, simple and easy to use although it is still quite early days for them. According to our research HSBC are actively seeking ways to improve their banking services globally, we hope that they find a way to solve these minor issues soon as clients will expect nothing less from such an international brand.

Overall review:

We believe this platform is currently one of the best available for new traders although it may not have features that are expected by more seasoned investors. The HSBC trading platform has great potential, hopefully they will continue to grow and upgrade their services so it can live up to its full potential. HSBC 


Rating : 8/10

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